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XUA Records (XUAR-17418)

Xu Ke : Huqin (Chinese Fiddle)
Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin
En Shao, conductor

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Track List
Track Title Time Audition

Xu Ke/arr. Jian Min Wang: Wind and Rhythm for Erhu and Orchestra (Orchestration by Xiaosong Sun/Xu Ke)


Chen Yi:Fiddle Suite for Huqin(Chinese Fiddles) and Full Orchestra

  I.Singing 5'46  
  II.Reciting 7'35  
  III.Dancing 6'54  

Xu Ke/arr. Fubing Li: An Ancient Pass in the Desert for Huqin (Chinese Fiddles) and Orchestra (Orchestration by Xiaosong Sun/Xu Ke)


Xu Ke: Joy in the Countryside for Banhu and Orchestra (Orchestration by Xiaosong Sun/Xu Ke)

05) Zhou Long: Taiping Drumfor Erhu and String Orchestra 5'53  
06) Yang Yong : River Songsfor Huqin(Chinese Fiddles) and Orchestra
  I.The River Spirit 5'27  
  II.Da Shaoshao 5'44  
  III.To the West Frontier – A Farewell Song 4'10  
07) Yang Yong : Dao Tsingfor Banhu and Orchestra 8'38  

Total Playing 65:27


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