CD (XUA Records)
Lone The Super Virtuoso Erhu XUKE
Special Solo Erhu Album

XUA Records(XUAR2351)

Xu Ke (erhu)

June 25-28, 2005 at, Guangzhou, China Records

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Track List
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Track Title Time Audition
01) The Sound of Agony 6'57  
02) Moonlight Night 6'47
03) Song of Depression 6'44  
04) Elegy 3'04
05) A Ditty on the New Year Eve(Nocturnal Peace) 2'49
06) Meditation in Retirement 9'25  
07) Song of Birds in a Desolate Mountain 4'11
08) Towards a Bright Future 5'20  
09) Melody on a Single String 6'17  
10) Dancing by Candlelight 5'22  


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