CD (XUA Records)

Horse Racing
Xu Ke (Best of the Best) Winds of Silkroad

XUA Records (XUAR-2348)

Xu Ke (erhu)
Wang Wenli (yangqin)

June 2003

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Track List
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Track Title Time Audition
01) Happy Song of Homeland Waters 5'53
02) Henan Melody 4'48  
03) Herdsmen in the Pasture 5'52
04) Romance of the North 9'43  
05) Enjoy the Countryside 2'00
06) One Blossom 7'43  
07) Meditation on the Theme of Taikong 7'39  
08) Saima (Horse Racing) 1'33
09) Sanmen Valley 8'48  


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